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FAQs For Tutors

Eduzyte is an online platform that endeavours to deliver the Best Tutoring Service Available to students by connecting them to tutors and enabling live online tutoring.
Instead of physically visiting the student's home, tutors use a good Internet connection, virtual blackboard, webcam and a microphone to teach. The teacher-student interaction is two-way and in real time. At Eduzyte, ‘live online tutoring’ implies that ‘one tutor teaches one student at a time’. The student thus gets complete and undivided attention in class.
No, Eduzyte does not provide the video of recordings or lectures. But, Eduzyte will share the video of their class to their students immediate of every class.
Live online tutoring at Eduzyte implies that one tutor teaches one or more students at a time.
There are three types of Eduzyte programs that is one to one, one to many and one to group.
Joining Eduzyte enables tutors to: - Become an Online Tutor of Choice - Build and demonstrate your credentials through profile quality, student ratings, student testimonials - Earn More - Tutor at convenient times, eliminate time wastage in commuting/ waiting, set and manage your hourly rates - Grow your Tutoring Business - Easily manage class schedules, syllabus coverage, your students’ progress. Undertake marketing activities guided by Eduzyte to attract more students. Teach students globally.
No, as a tutor you will use the Eduzyte tutoring platform as an independent entrepreneur.
A tutor can teach for as many hours as she wants. There are tutors who teach for more than 100 hours in a month as well as those who teach for only 5-10 hours in a month.
No, there are no charges for joining Eduzyte.
As a tutor you are free to set your own rate per hour at the time of registration.
The earning potential as a Eduzyte Tutor is only limited by the time you can devote for tutoring. On an average, a tutor can earn anywhere between INR 30,000/- to INR 40,000/- per month. We’ve also had tutors who have earned over INR 80,000/- per month.
Create your profile. Showcase your qualifications, experience and available timings. Importantly, upload a good photograph. Approval of your Eduzyte profile will be based on quality and completeness of profile. - After your profile is approved, three demo classes may be organized, for each subject you would like to tutor at Eduzyte. Based on feedback on these demo classes, you will be eligible to start teaching.
Creating an impressive & complete profile is important for 2 reasons: 1. Each tutor has his/her own webpage. Details that you provide about yourself (apart from personal information – which always remains secure & encrypted) are visible there so that the student can view your profile & shortlist you for a demo class. 2. It also helps our AI powered algorithms to match your profile & preferences with the requirements of the child and the parents. A complete profile, with a well described About Me section increases your chances of being selected by over 35%.
If the parent asks you to take additional classes, especially if the child is struggling or during exams, you can check your schedule / availability and take the extra sessions if possible. The attendance for the extra session will be adjusted to the student’s hourly allocation.
Yes, of course you can. Just send them a link of our website and ask them to register. The qualification process would apply to them as well.
Many of students visit Eduzyte every month in search of an online tutor. Students request for and attend trial classes with tutors before finalizing a tutor. If a tutor’s profile, hourly fees, schedule etc. meet the requirements set by a student, she (along with other ‘matching’ tutors) is invited for a 1-hour trial class with the student. After the trial class, if the student and tutor ‘accept’ each other, then paid tutoring program commences through Eduzyte platform. Tutors are not paid for the trial classes.
If your demo session matches what we are looking for then we will contact you directly to discuss further. If you don’t hear from us within 3 working days, then you can assume that your demo was not matched with the requirement of the student. But, don’t worry, we will be keeping your profile in our database for future assignments. We will get in touch with you as soon as we identify a particular opportunity matching your qualifications and experience.
Demo class is the first class of a student with a tutor during which the student can evaluate the suitability and compatibility of the tutor as per his/her requirements. It also helps the tutor to ascertain if she wants to accept the concerned student.
A demo class is an opportunity for student and tutor to meet and interact before they mutually decide to commence a tutoring program.
A demo class is an opportunity for student and tutor to meet and interact before they mutually decide to commence a tutoring program.
Based upon the criteria provided by the student when the time of “Student Registration Process”, several tutors are invited for the demo class.
Tutors are shortlisted based on various factors such as hourly rate, profile, tutor’s Internet speed etc.
The shortlisted tutors are invited for trial classes through email and dashboard. SMS notification is also sent for a trial class invite.
During the trial class, a tutor will teach the topics pre-selected by the student. The topic selected by the student is mentioned in the trial class invite. In addition to academics /studies, we encourage tutors to speak about teaching philosophy and style, credentials, experience etc.
Before the trial class starts, the student is informed about the hourly rate of the tutor and that the tutor fees is non-negotiable. This is to ensure transparency in the transactions. Any attempt to negotiate the fees can lead to suspension of tutor’s and/or student’s registration at Eduzyte.
We strongly recommend parents (of the student) to interact with the tutor during the trial class.
If a trial class is rescheduled or cancelled, more than 12 hours in advance before the trial class, then no penalty is a applicable - If a trial class is rescheduled or cancelled, less than 12 hours but more than 6 hours before the trial class, tutor will be charged 75% of her hourly rate as penalty. - If a trial class is rescheduled or cancelled, less than 3 hours before the trial class or there is No-Show by tutor for the trial class, tutor will be charged 100% of her hourly rate as penalty. In this case, Eduzyte also has the right to deactivate tutor’s profile from Eduzyte or not allocate any more trial classes to tutor for certain time. Similar policy applies to the tutors also.
Policies for late coming for trial class or regular class are as follows: - Tutor must join the class exactly at the scheduled start time for class. - If a tutor joins the class after 5 minutes but before 15 minutes of the scheduled class start time, then it will be marked as ‘Late Entry’ in the class. - If a tutor joins the class after 15 minutes of the scheduled class start time, then it is marked as ‘No-show’ by the tutor. Class is deemed to be rescheduled/ cancelled. No-show penalty will apply. Penalties for late coming are as follows: - If a tutor is late for more than 3 classes but up to 6 classes in a month, then penalty is INR 500 - If a tutor is late for more than 6 classes in a month, then penalty is INR 1,000 Statistics on tutors profile will be updated to reflect the instances of late coming by the tutor. Similar late coming policy applies to students also.
Yes, you can. You can help your students and yourself by getting them to Eduzyte: - Save commute time and earn more: No more time wastage in commuting. Time saved in commuting can be used to teach more and earn more. - Enhances Your Profile and chances of getting new students: Tutoring students on Eduzyte, gives you more credibility and ratings; bringing your own students adds to your Eduzyte credentials. Students/ Parents tend to prefer tutors who are already tutoring on Eduzyte, and have a developed track record on Eduzyte - in terms of number classes taken, number students taught, ratings received, testimonials received.
Yes, Eduzyte has a referral scheme. - Earn more than your hourly rate: If you refer your existing or new student to Eduzyte, then as a limited time special offer, Eduzyte will give you 5% one hourly rate. You can refer your student through your dashboard
To start a class, login to your Eduzyte dashboard and go to ‘My Classes’ and then click on ‘Regular Classes’, ‘Meeting Link’ corresponding to the scheduled class to be started. If it is a demo class go to ‘My Classes’ and then click on ‘Demo Classes’, ‘Meeting Link’
In such an unfortunate circumstance, you can leave the class and join the class again through your dashboard after a few minutes. If the problem still persists, you can end the class before the scheduled time. In feedback form you receive, indicate the reason for early discontinuation of the class. The student will be charged for the actual number of minutes before the class was discontinued.
In such an unfortunate circumstance, you can leave the class and retry after a few minutes. If the problem still persists, you can end the class before the scheduled time. You should write to us
Sessions will be recorded and the video link will be shared with the student and the link will be expired in two days.
No, tutors are not allowed to exchange any personal contact details with students. In the event a tutor request or reveals any such information, Eduzyte reserves the right to terminate the tutor’s Eduzyte account and cancel all her classes at Eduzyte. The Eduzyte dashboard has message communication facility required to communicate with students for conducting online tutoring. In case you desire any other feature or communication tool, please write to
Course program is selected by a student as per his/her requirement. Students can select the program either before the trial class or after the trial class while selecting the tutor. A tutor should be able to teach any type of program for the subject and exam selected by the tutor in his/her profile.
To reset your password go to login page and click “Forget Password” and Enter your email ID or mobile number registered with Eduzyte and then your new password will be sent to your mail box.
When you register on Eduzyte, you automatically receive an OTP (one time password) to your registered email and mobile. Follow the instructions given in the email/SMS to verify. Till the time you verify your OTP, you would not be able to login/register on Eduzyte.
Yes, of course you can edit your complete details before approved by our quality assessment (QA) team. Once approved by QA team your dashboard will be activated and you can update subject, timing details, but not personal details like Address, Mobile, Email ID… etc.. If you want to update your personal details, please write to us
The fees for each tutoring assignment differs based on multiple factors like the board, class, number of subjects, number of hours and frequency of the classes, etc. Our counselling team will give you an indication of the same based on your detailed requirements before fixing the demo and a confirmed hourly fee rate at the time of a connect (before the tutoring assignment starts). Note that based on the package purchased, the hours utilized is calculated depends on the hours actually tutored and hence in a case where the tutor misses a session, you are not liable to make any payment & the hours are not deducted.
Eduzyte collects fee from students and pass it on to the tutor.
Login to your Eduzyte dashboard to access your class statements on monthly basis and payment corresponding to it.
Yes, hourly Base Rate quoted by tutor on Eduzyte is inclusive of service tax/ any other applicable tax. The tutor is liable to pay service tax/ any other applicable tax on her share of hourly base rate. Eduzyte Service Fee charged to the tutor is also inclusive of service tax/ any other applicable tax.