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Overview of JEE

In terms of the importance of the JEE exam, it is worth noting that students can gain entry into prestigious institutes like the IITs and NITs only after clearing this exam. As many students might be aware, engineering education at any of these institutes affords them valuable opportunities – students not only they get access to the best professors and learning resources, they also get to interact with and learn from fellow students who are superbly talented and skilled. In addition, gaining admission to these institutes comes with social recognition and respect. Finally, the job placement records of these institutes indicate that students can avail the benefit associated with good salaries and promising career opportunities.


JEE Main

JEE Main is the first stage of the JEE exam and students are required to write this exam for admission to NITs, IIITs and Centrally Funded Technical Institutes (CFTIs) participating though Central Seat Allocation Board. JEE Main - 2019 will be a computer-based test and it will be administered in the online mode only. In terms of the pattern of the exam,there will be two papers:

  • Paper-1 for B.E. and B.Tech. , which will cover the subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. The mode of the examination will be computer-based and it will comprise of objective-types questions with equal weightage accorded to Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
  • Paper-2 for B.Arch. and B.Planning, which will cover Mathematics and Aptitude. Part-I of this paper will comprise of objective-type questions and it will a computer-based test only. Paper-II will comprise of questions designed to test the drawing aptitude of students. Further, Paper-II will be conducted in an offline mode (pen and paper based) and students will attempt the questions on a drawing sheet.


JEE Advanced

JEE Advanced - 2019 will be conducted by the IITs (IIT Roorkee being the organising institute for 2019), acting as per the guidelines laid out by the Joint Admission Board (JAB). The primary aim of the JEE Advanced exam is to test the students’ abilities for admission to the Bachelor’s, Integrated Master’s and Dual Degree programs (entry at the 10+2 level) in all the IITs. The examination comprises of two papers - Paper 1 and Paper 2, each of which is compulsory. In 2019, Paper 1 and Paper 2 will be conducted on 19th of May in two separate sessions. Also, the exam will be conducted in online mode only (computer-based).


Difference Between JEE Main and JEE Advanced Online

“Eduzyte.Com” focuses on covering the syllabus of JEE Main in order to help students receive the highest rank in the examination. We are the ultimate solution for best results & historical performance. JEE Advanced has a slightly different exam pattern and syllabus. Taking JEE advanced classes will help in climbing the career ladder.

Each student is allowed only two attempts of cracking the JEE Advanced examination. To make it count, have faith in Eduzyte. To make sure you are prepared thoroughly, we take intensive tests following the latest JEE pattern. Each of these tests helps in grooming you for the real examination.

Packages for Live Online Tutoring at Eduzyte

The live online tutoring for IIT JEE preparation include:

  • Complete JEE Main: This intensive program is prepared by referring to NCERT and other reference books to help crack the IIT JEE Main examination. Students get access to several video lectures and eBooks pertaining to the topics in the curriculum. The subjects included in this course are Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry of the 11th and 12th standard.
  • Complete JEE Main Advanced: This JEE Advanced online program is designed to help you crack JEE Advanced examination Live online tutoring and study material for Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics of the 11th and 12th standard, this course is perfect for those who aspire to study in the prestigious IIT.
  • JEE Chemistry: If you need special attention in only Chemistry, you can take up this specialized program where you will get access to high-quality Live online tutoring and study material of Chemistry.
  • JEE Mathematics: This is another small module where you will get access to live online tutoring and study material of Mathematics.
  • JEE Physics: This specialized program gives you unlimited access to high-quality study material and live lectures of Physics for one year. Eduzyte comes with an exceptional team of staff members and faculty. Our team over the years gained enough experience in teaching students who wish to crack the IIT JEE examination. To ensure success, you rigorously


Our Offerings

We provide Online Tuitions for JEE Maths, JEE Physics, JEE Chemistry. We have specialized and experienced online tutor for IIT JEE Maths Tutor, IIT JEE Tutor, IIT JEE Physics Tutor

This course raises the academic levels of the student. Course prepared with NCERT and other preferred reference books, so this is the perfect study material one requires to ace the JEE Main Advanced & CBSE. Also get online study materials, sample papers and previous exam papers and video solutions free. This course provides JEE Main syllabus and JEE Main pattern for engineering entrance exam.

Our team of expert faculties are selected with good teaching skill, high qualification and experience. They are all expert in their subject and committed to the success of our students. We ensure to provide best results out of all level of students.


IIT JEE Online Coaching

Online coaching for IIT JEE is becoming popular among students, who wish to pursue engineering. Eduzyte offers an excellent team to guide and mentor students who are aspiring to study in the reputed IIT with the help of online coaching. We are one of the reputed IIT JEE online coaching institutes in India because of our powerfully designed coaching programs for JEE Advanced and Main, also suited for 12th standard board exams.

The IIT online classes allow students to prepare for these competitive exams from the comfort of their home. With online coaching, you do not have to worry about overhead expenses and travel.


Why Choose Eduzyte for Online IIT JEE Coaching Classes?

With an increasing number of students appearing for this exam every year, Joint Entrance Exams are becoming extremely competitive. Only a few lucky thousands get to join this prestigious institute every year. This is the reason why taking up IIT JEE coaching is mandatory. JEE online preparation has helped countless students in making their dreams come true. Eduzyte provides the best team to guide and coach students through the tough path ahead. Our faculty is known to provide excellent guidance to help you crack this examination.

IIT JEE is one of the most stringent entrance examinations in the entire world. In order to crack this exam with flying colours, taking up the best online coaching for IIT JEE would be the ultimate solution. The coaching fees are quite cheaper as compared to the regular classroom coaching sessions. We bring a very strong body of faculty that is well-trained in delivering every core component of the curriculum. They are experts when it comes to increasing student's morale, resolving doubts, and online tutoring. Students are free to ask doubts while the live tutoring.

The admission process of JEE has two tests combined that can be seen as a two-step process

  • JEE Main
  • JEE Advanced

This makes the examination one of the hardest around the globe. Opting for online JEE preparation at Eduzyte will make the learning process and syllabus extremely lucid.

Several states like Gujarat, Odisha, and Maharashtra has dismissed their state-level examinations and adopted the JEE system, making JEE Main scores matter a lot in the most engineering colleges in India. Eduzyte is the key to making your time and effort count.

Characteristics of IIT JEE Live Online Tutoring by Eduzyte

  • Eduzyte is known to provide extremely high-quality live online tutoring using from our advanced platform from a team of the topmost faculty of India, known for their experience in delivering IIT entrance exam coaching online. The live lectures, used as the primary source of learning, are explained well to make sure that students grasp each and every concept well. If students have doubts, they are free to clear  the doubts to the teacher while the time of live class. With the amount of flexibility we offer, we are one of the renowned online institutes for IIT JEE online coaching.
  • Students have the choice to select the long and short term IIT JEE programs available on the website according to their current needs.
  • Students are also provided additional help to crack the board exams and other engineering exams like CET, DCE, and BITSAT. We help in preparing our students by taking frequent mock tests.
  • Apart from JEE Main live online tutoring and JEE study material, Eduzyte also pays attention to previous question papers. This is one way to ensure that your preparation for one of the toughest examinations in the world is absolutely full-proof.
  • To make learning fun, you will get to solve chapter-wise exam pattern exercises.
  • Our program provides an adequate amount of time for clearing last-minute doubts, self-revision, and preparing your skills and exam-taking attitude.

analyse the previous year to keep students informed about the latest trends and developments. Eduzyte is the ultimate answer to your dreams.


JEE Facts

The number of students appearing for the JEE exam has varied over the last five years. For example, in 2013 the number of students who registered for JEE Main was 1.28 million and in 2014, this number went up to 1.357 million. However, this number has plummeted after that as in 2015, 1.304 million students registered for the JEE Main exam and in 2018, this number went down to 1.148 million. Nevertheless, JEE is considered to be one of the toughest exams in the world and one of the reasons it is so complicated and tricky is that it is designed to filter out students because of limited number of seats. Notably, outside India, the National University of Singapore accepts JEE scores for admission to its undergraduate programs.


JEE Tips and Tricks

Success in the JEE exam requires meticulous planning, hard work and smart preparation. Students must design and stick to a systematic study plan if they want to clear the JEE exam. Below, we present some important tips that the students can consider:

Students must analyse and understand the structure of the exam for both JEE Main and JEE Advanced. In addition, they must gain knowledge about the topics covered in these tests.

It is important to start the preparation as early as possible. Since JEE is one of the world’s toughest examinations in terms of both complexity and competition, serious aspirants must start early so that they have enough time to grasp the underlying concepts for each topic under each subject. Also, an early start will allow the students to attempt more mock tests and practice questions.

It is important to be systematic and methodical – therefore, a time table can be a useful aid while preparing for the JEE exam. Students must allocate a specific amount of time for each topic under each subject and mark the same on a personalised calendar. There are many time table apps available for self-study, which can prove to be effective.

Students must keep abreast with their latest capability levels and therefore, it is important to attempt multiple mock tests. An easy way of doing this is to access the free mock tests provided via the official JEE website (online mode). Attempting these tests will allow the students to familiarise with the actual format, content and structure of the JEE exam and moreover, they will be able to simulate the actual exam experience.

Finally, students must keep analysing their skills, strengths, weaknesses and strengths. Specifically, they should know the areas where they are efficient and other topics for which they need to make improvement efforts. Also, it is important to take timed tests so that they understand the pattern of consumption of time – how much time they are spending on different types of questions covered under different topics. Based on this analysis, students can seek further improvements in terms of gaining a deeper understanding of certain topics, learning about short-cuts and tricks, or simply doing more practice.